Hair Color Basics

Highlighting can change your look without having to change the entire hair color. It involves dyeing sections lighter than your natural shade. It can be used to give hair dimension, accentuate facial features or slim down your face. There are two major techniques used: foil highlighting and Balayage.

Foil highlighting is the conventional process where color is applied by wrapping sections of hair in foils, whereas Balayage involves freehand painting of color or bleach on the surface of your hair. Balayage is a French term, which means to sweep or to paint. In Balayage, the entire section is not saturated with hairdye resulting in a soft, natural-looking, sun-kissed highlight that easily blends in as hair grows longer. The roots of hair are largely untouched in the process. There is also a growing technique called Foilyage which involves foiling the outer ends of hair after it has been Balayged.

Ombre is a haircolor technique where your root haircolor gradually fades into a much lighter haircolor at the ends.. While Balayage is the technique, Ombre is an end look. Your colorist may use the Balayage (or foiling) technique to achieve an Ombre. Sombre is a subtler, softer version of Ombre. With this method, there’s a lower contrast between the hair at the roots and the hair at the ends.

Babylight is a type of delicate highlighting that involves dyeing a very small amount of hair that are separated and placed in each foil. Splashlight is a visually striking highlighting method where a streak of bleach is painted across your hair; the sections above and below it are dyed in a color similar to your natural shade. This creates an effect similar to the halo induced by nightclub strobe lights.

There are several other highlighting and coloring techniques like Ronze, Tortoise Shell, Bronde, Hidden Rainbow, Chocolate Melt, among others that are suitable for Indian brunettes. In the picture our stylist created the Ombre style using Inoa Magenta Red for one of our customers. You can choose your style depending on your purpose and your boldness index. We suggest bringing an image (on mobile phone) of the effect that you would like to create during your visit to our salon. Our hairstylist will be happy to help you create that look.

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