What is Cysteine hair treatment?

Straightening iron, curler, harsh chemicals and exposure to sunlight can leave your hair dry, weak, frizzy and unmanageable. Developed by US-based Amazon Series, Cysteine Complex Curl Softening Treatment (commonly known as cysteine hair treatment) is a recent, all-natural hair treatment program that repairs dull and frizzy hair to create a shiny, smooth, straight, celebrity-like look. …

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Hair Color Basics

Highlighting can change your look without having to change the entire hair color. It involves dyeing sections lighter than your natural shade. It can be used to give hair dimension, accentuate facial features or slim down your face. There are two major techniques used: foil highlighting and Balayage. Foil highlighting is the conventional process where …

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The History of Beauty

Across ages, mankind (and womenkind alike) have been trying to make themselves more attractive and presentable. In the world of Aspen, we do not strive to explore the biological and anthropomorphic reasons behind such need to appear desirable. Instead, we bring you snippets about evolution and diversity of the concept of beauty that stimulates you …

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